We offer preschool classes for children from 3 years old up thru 6 years of age.  Our classes our structured with small ratio's & experienced instructors.  Gymnastics develops motor skills, strength, self confidence in addition to facilitating your child's social development.

Swiss Turners Director Stacy Maloney,

receives the NCAA Coaches Gymnastics Association 'Honor Coach Award' for his pervasive & impacting contributions to the sport of Gymnastics in the USA over the course of his 42 year coaching career.


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 2022 FALL 

 Class Schedule 

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Preschool Open Gym   10:15-11:45am



 6-8 pm 


2021 Xcel Girls Team
2021 Xcel Girls Team

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2021 Swiss Girls Team Coaches
2021 Swiss Girls Team Coaches

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Swiss Turners Outside.jpg
Swiss Turners Outside.jpg

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2021 Xcel Girls Team
2021 Xcel Girls Team

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FALL SESSION Registration
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FALL Session Registration is Going On NOW!

Marvin Kimble - one of USA's top gymnasts and a member of our USA Men's National Team, started off in a Swiss Turner's boys gymnastics class. 

Girls & Boys Recreational Classes

Gymnastics is the 'sport of sports', that is gymnastics helps develop all the necessary tools to help enhance success in other sports.  Just as importantly, gymnastics is fun!   All kids love gymnastics and it is a great way to help develop your child's strength, coordination and self-confidence.  Registration for our 12 week Spring Session of classes is going on NOW! - sign up in person or over the phone at 414-321-4340!

DIAPER DINO'S - Parent & Tot
Parent & tot classes are a great way to start developing your young child's motor skills, coordination & social skills, in addition to being fantastic one on one time with your child.  Once children are walking they can join the fun and so can you! 
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Birthday Parties!


Have your child's next birthday party at Swiss Turners!  Kids have tons of fun doing games & activities in our gym with one of our birthday party instructors.  Parties are 90 minutes long.  We provide a large party room for refreshments & presents.  Reserve your party today!  414-321-4340

As soon as you can walk

you can join the fun!


 For All 


Swiss Turner's Boy's Team

Seniors Video - Check this out!

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