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Ages:  Walking up to 3 years of age


Our Parent and Tot class is a structured program designed with lots of fun in mind! We emphasize a safe physical play environment incorporating group time, songs, music, parachute fun, basic gymnastics skills, large and small motor activities and one-on-one special time between you and your child.


Ages:  3 years up through 6 years of age


Our preschool gymnastic program is a structured system of progressive classes based on the age of the child. Mom and Dad sit on the sidelines in a supportive role while the children take turns, follow directions and learn basic gymnastics skills. Classes are grouped in 1/2 year increments.  Our classes have a dinosaur theme:
Bouncing Brontosaurus     3-3.5 years of age
Swinging Stegosaurus 1    3.5-4 years of age
Swinging Stegosaurus 2    4-4.5 years of age
Rockin' Raptors                4.5-5 years of age
Tumbling Triceratops        5-5.5 years of age
Turning T-Rex                   5.5-6 years of age
The skills & fundamentals taught in each class are age appropriate and have been designed by our USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame Coach and Director Stacy Maloney.  Class ratio's are 7:1 except for our youngest class where the student to teacher ratio is 6:1.  The kids learn on scaled down equipment that is sized just for them!
Students receive posters when they join a class and they are tested 3 times per session.  They are given stars for the skills they pass to take home and put on their poster providing a visual recognition of their work and success.
The overall goal of Swiss Turner's Preschool Program is to enhance the physical and mental development of children in a safe, positive and encouraging environment.
Swiss Turner's Girl's Developmental Program is a progressive system of 10 class levels offering girl's of all ages the opportunity to start at the level that is right for them.  Girl's are taught gymnastics skills on the four women's events:  floor exercise, beam, vault, bars, in addition, to trampoline. Our girl's program organizes the skills and progressions that the girls are taught on skill sheets, which their instructors will keep track of their progress as their classes progress.  Our program also sets goals for girls to achieve in their strength and flexibility which are also listed on their skills sheets.  


Our class program utilizes a 'system' approach that emphasizes keeping our students working as much as possible by the creation of stations on most events.  Stations include skills the kids are working on, progressions and/or drills to enhance the learning of those skills and specific strengths that also will help your child become successful in their gymnastics development. 



Our boy's developmental class system is a progressive system based on our extremely successful boys team program.  Our boys's classes are organized into 10 levels starting from the most basic of skills up through more advanced skills.  We teach basic gymnastic skills to boys on all six men's events:  floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, high bar.  In addition to those events boys are taught basic technique and skills on trampoline, along with established goals to encourage their strength development.  


We offer Trampoline and Tumbling classes to kids from beginner through advanced levels.  Our Trampoline class follows the USA Gymnastics official trampoline program. In addition, to teaching basic through more advanced skills, our trampoline class emphasizes safety and, good jumping and stopping technique to enhance the probability of safety. 


Our Tumbling classes use an extensive array of drills and progressions, along with trampoline, tumble tramp and traditional spotting techniques to help your kids learn tumbling skills faster - particularly the back handspring which is utilized in other sports such as cheerleading. 

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