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How do I pay for classes?

You may sign up your child up for a class and hold their spot with a $40 nonrefundable deposit.  Payment in full for the class is due on your child's first day of class.  Once our session has started payment is due in full at the time of registration.  People who have balances after the session starts may be subject to a $10 late fee.


Do you offer payment plans?


Swiss Turner's is sensitive to families budgets and if you request it we will work out a payment plan with you.  The requirements are that you specify the exact dates when payments will be made.  Payment in full must be made by the 3rd week of class.  People who do not stick to the agreed upon payment schedule will have a $20 late fee applied.


What is the Membership Fee?


Every student at Swiss Turners pays an annual membership fee of $40 that is due with their fall class tuition.  For people who sign up after the fall session, the Club Membership Fee will be prorated.  The Membership Fee goes towards registration and insurance costs. There is a wonderful benefit with the Membership Fee in that your child will get a 30% discount off of the price of our Saturday night Open Gym from 6-8pm!  


Do you offer discounts?


Yes we do!  New students, those who have never been a student at our gym before get $10 off of there class tuition.  Siblings of current students, each get $10 off of their class tuition.  If a child takes a 2nd class they will receive a 50% discount off of the least expensive tuition of their two classes.  Each child may receive only 1 discount, whichever is off the greatest value.

What are your coaches qualifications?

We will state unequivocally that Swiss Turners as a whole has THE MOST QUALIFIED coaching staff in the state of Wisconsin!  Our staff includes coaches who have won National Coach of the Year honors, who have coached or competed at the Olympics and World Championships, who have coached at the college level and, one of our coaches is a member of USA Gymnastics National Hall of Fame!  Even our Junior Coaching Staff is top notch, having been developed from high level athletes in our team programs through our mentoring program.  


Can we still join your classes after the Session has started?


Of course!  Students can sign up anytime to join our classes.  And we encourage them to do so because the sooner they get started in their gymnastics development, the faster they will progress.


Can parents watch?


Absolutely!  We have a large parent viewing room with big windows upstairs in our facility that has a clear view to our entire gym.  There is also some standing room downstairs for parents to watch as well.


What is your ratio of children to coaches?


The ratio's are different depending on the class.  Parent & tot classes are up to 12.  Our youngest preschool class - Bouncing Brontosaurus is 6:1.  The rest of our preschool classes are 7:1.  For the rest of our classes the ratio is 8:1.  However, under special circumstances we will vary these ratio's based on the experience of the coach and the needs of the children.

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