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The Swiss Turner's Staff





Stacy Maloney  -  Gym Manager / Boys & Girl's Team Coordinator

Swiss Turner's Team is lead by Stacy Maloney who has been at Swiss Turner's now for 24 years as Head Coach and for the past 16 years as gym manager.  Stacy had a successful career as a gymnast, but his coaching credentials are hard to match.  As a gymnast Stacy was a 2 time US National Team Member and the Big 8 Conference Scholar-Athlete of the Year in 1980.  Stacy served as an assistant college coach for one year at UW Oshkosh and for 3 years at the University of Illinois.  After coaching for a number of years at various clubs in Los Angeles and Milwaukee, Stacy moved to Swiss Turner's in 1992 where he began building up their boys team program.  Along with him came two remarkably talented twin boys named Paul and Morgan Hamm whom he had been coaching privately for two years previous.  By 1998, Swiss Turner's was the dominant Boy's Team Program in the USA.  Paul and Morgan Hamm became the second youngest men to ever make the Men's Olympic Team in 2000.  In 2003 Stacy was an assistant coach for Team USA at the World Championships where they took the Silver and Paul Hamm made history becoming the first American male to win the World Championship All Around Title.  Paul went on to make history again at the 2004 Olympics by becoming the first American male to win the Olympic All Around Gold Medal.  For all his coaching success Stacy was awarded USA Gymnastic's Men's National Coach of the Year twice, in 1998 and again in 2004. He was named the 2000 Olympic Men's Developmental Gymnastics Coach of the Year, and in 2011 Stacy received the incredible honor of being inducted into USA Gymnastic's Hall of Fame as a coach.   Stacy has a BA in Business and an MBA in Finance.  He has married to Annette Maloney for 24 years and has two fabulous children, Shane and Erin, both of whom are now in college.  In his spare time Stacy is musician.

Ellen Hendrickson  -  Girl's Team Head Coach 

Ellen Hendrickson joined the Swiss Turner's team back in 2003.  She was a YMCA gymnast as a child competing up through Level 8, winning a State Title in vault.  Yet, she was drawn to coaching at a young age and by the time she was in high school Ellen had hung up her grips and had started coaching at the Heart of the Valley YMCA. Ellen attended the University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse where she also coached during her college years at the LaCrosse YMCA.   Ellen graduated from UW LaCrosse in 2003 with a degree in Human Resource Management from which she came directly to Swiss Turner's to join our staff.  Since joining our Girl's Team coaching ranks, Ellen has been an integral component in developing our girl's team program into one of the best in the State of Wisconsin.  During her coaching tenure with Swiss Turner's Ellen has coached many hundreds of State Champions, scores of Regional Champions, a plethora of National's qualifiers, 3 State Championship Teams. Each year Swiss Turner's Girl's Team Program brings home muliple team banners.  In addition to her coaching, Ellen is an invaluable member of our office staff.  In her spare time she loves photography and going to the zoo.  And she really loves the comradery of the Swiss Turner's staff!


Katie Missiaen  -  Preschool Classes / Girl's Classes/ Office Staff

Katie Missiaen is another one of our beloved long time staff members, having been with Swiss Turner's for over 20 years now.  As a gymnast Katie focused  on tumbling which she trained in for 9 years.  Since she has been at Swiss Turners Katie's love of doing gymnastics has been kept alive by taking part in our adult gymnastics class on Saturday afternoons.  Katie coaches preschool classes, girl's classes and is one of our office staff.  She really loves kids and she should - Katie is a mother and has 5 children of her own!  She has a great temperament for working with kids and just loves helping them develop their gymnastics skills and life skills through the sport. Outside the gym, Katie loves to be active, running, biking, playing soccer, disc golfing, mountain biking, skiing, in addition to more sedate activities like playing cards, scrapbooking and baking.  Katie is a former police officer and has a BA in Criminal Justice and is married to Jerome.  Her lovely 5 children are Mary, Abby, Elizabeth, Therese and Paul - all former gymnasts!

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